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4 Reasons to Hire a Wedding Planner for your Runaway Wedding

As a wedding planner of course I am going to tell you to hire one. Yes even for an elopement and intimate wedding! I could harp on until the cows come home about how valuable a planner can be. Instead I thought it would be better to let others in the wedding industry highlight the importance of our role instead.

So…. time to get an unbiased opinion from today’s guest blogger Jane from Petite Weddings who is going to tell you why a wedding planner worth it based on their experiences with their couples and organising weddings.

Over to Jane…

Connecting couples with the best intimate wedding venues and service supplier teams, designed specifically to make their elopement and intimate wedding dreams come true is what we do at Petite Weddings. That’s a great first step, and for some couples, this is all the help they need. However, more often than not we recommend a wedding planner to our couples as well. You may think this is not necessary given that we are essentially focused on elopement and intimate weddings. After all, what could go wrong?!


Bride and Groom

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Here’s why we recommend great wedding planners. Why we feel they’re not only a wise investment, but an essential budget consideration. Ensuring you enjoy every part of your wedding journey, from proposal to the after-party…

Most of our elopements and intimate weddings are “destination” weddings, i.e, our couples and guests travel from across the world or the UK to our venues. In these cases they have often not seen their venue, meaning they are unfamiliar with the spaces and locality. A wedding planner can be your eyes and ears on the ground. They can make site visits on your behalf. Provide local insight and really taking the stress out of a “blind date” with your wedding venue!


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Do you have the skills, time and availability to plan your wedding day? Or perhaps you just don’t enjoy this sort of thing! It’s great if you do, but if you’re not the most organised, if you lead a super-busy life or have long working hours, making and receiving calls from suppliers and investigating options may become difficult. We recommend de-stressing this process by engaging with a great wedding planner.


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In the unusual circumstances of one of your service suppliers letting you down ahead of your wedding day, your wedding planner will have contacts and connections to draw on to help you find a suitable replacement.


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Most of our couples want to have a luxurious wedding day. They want to feel totally pampered, arranging beautiful flowers, wonderful food and the best accommodation and venues. Knowing that someone is charged to make it all happen in a smooth and stress-free way, well there really is no bigger luxury than that. Here’s what I mean. If the florist’s van gets a puncture on the morning of your wedding, who’s going to drive to collect your flowers? If the photographer needs an umbrella holding to create the right light for your wedding photography, wouldn’t it be great to have someone on hand?


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Your wedding planner, will have built a wealth of expertise, inspiration and wedding know-how over the years. This means you can tap into it at any time on your wedding journey.


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Some people allocate wedding planning and coordination to a friend or relative. If you do, bear in mind that person may not be able to fully enjoy your wedding day with you.


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Even for the smallest wedding there’s real value to be had from a wedding planner. That’s why we recommend you don’t leave home for your destination wedding without one!



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