5 Unique ways to propose

You want to pop the question?

You’ve had the fairy tale romance, you met you fell in love and now you want to pop the question. But with engagements becoming bigger than ever, making sure you do it in a romantic and special way can sometimes leave you second guessing. I love engagements just as much as the wedding itself, I’m definitely a romantic so, to help you, I’ve put together 5 unique ways to propose to your loved one.

Photo by Gift Habeshaw on Unsplash


Unique ways to propose


1. Scavenger Hunt

Take your partner on a journey down memory lane by placing clues and questions for them to answer. This is a great way to get family and friends involved as well, so they can capture the memory by taking pictures or video of your partner following the path around your home or neighbourhood or special date spots. Until they find the final clue and meeting place, where you’ll be on bended knee ready to pop that all important question.

Photo by Kyle Glenn on Unsplash

2. Recreate your first date

If your first date was a special one, recreate that moment for your proposal. If it was a dinner date, book the same restaurant. Speak to the restaurant about having the same table (if your memory is good enough to know where you were sitting), try to recreate each and every moment of the very first time you met. It’ll make for a very romantic story to tell the grand kids one day.


3. Take them to the theatre

Does your partner love the theatre? Take them to see their favourite show on Broadway. Get in touch with the theatre and ask them to surprise your partner by bringing them up on stage at the very end of in the interval. You can even make your excuses to pop to the restroom part way through and get dressed into full costume. There you’ll be ready to surprise with a proposal to remember in front of a live audience. You’ll definitely have your moment in the spotlight!

4. Flash Mob

Even though the flash mob is quite popular, it’s still a great way to pop the question. If you are part of a dance group this is the one for you. Or simply ask friends and family to join in. Choose a song that is either your favourite or a meaningful one for your both and then put your routine together. You will probably have to practise, so a lot of planning will have to go into this one but the results will be epic. Choose the right location and then get your boogie on!!


5. Surprise party!

How about doing a 2 in 1 – plan a surprise party for your partner, arrange for all your close friends and family to be there. As well as arranging organising a cake and the DJ or a band. Not only will you surprise your partner by getting down on one knee to ask that life changing question, you’ll also have your engagement party there and then! And if you need a party planner to organise it all for you, then look no further. As well as planning weddings, I love to plan a good party or event!


Now all you have to do is choose the ring, decide on how to do it, then go and get engaged! If you need help, then do get in touch as I’m ready to help you plan your unique way to propose.

Photography by THE WOMAN & THE WOLF