Happily ever after

Postponed wedding planning during the pandemic

Planning a postponed wedding during the pandemic? Are feeling torn over your next steps on whether to cancel or have a postponed wedding? Does it feel like your happily ever after has left you in limbo wondering if this postponed wedding will ever happen?! You are probably feeling overwhelmed and highly emotional right now but... R...

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Jade and Alfonso’s Salerno Italian Intimate Wedding

An Intimate wedding is becoming more popular and they are one of my favourites to plan alongside elopements; particular over a week or weekend abroad. You know the wanderlust in me just wants to travel the world! Micro weddings are definitely trending and they feel so unique and special AND you can definitely feel the...

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How to Plan an Elopement in London

As a wedding planner I cover all sorts of weddings from the opulent and extravagant to the chic and intimate. The most intimate of all weddings has to be an elopement. The ditching of traditions and forgoing the restraints of guest lists, leave couples to be free to say their vows in front of only... Read more »...

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Elopement Wedding

4 Reasons to Hire a Wedding Planner for your Runaway Wedding

As a wedding planner of course I am going to tell you to hire one. Yes even for an elopement and intimate wedding! I could harp on until the cows come home about how valuable a planner can be. Instead I thought it would be better to let others in the wedding industry highlight the...

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Intimate wedding photography

It’s no secret that Event by Keenda‘s niche is an intimate wedding for the stylish design-led romantic couple. They are looking to reflect their personalities into their big day. (Or should I say small day!) and that’s where intimate wedding photography comes in. All the feels There is no better way to relive those special...

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