He put a ring on it! What to do once you’re engaged?


Congrats on your engagement!

Ok so social media announcement has been made, bubbles have been drunk, and you’ve had a second wave of the honeymoon stage, what’s next?

Fear not! As wedding planners, we are prepared for the engagement season and have all the tips to point you and your groom in the right direction. There is a lot to do but as long as you get organised from the start, there is no need to panic. 

Some obvious and immediate I dos, I mean to-dos…


Enjoy and share the news!

Yes you can still float on around on cloud nine for a while and celebrate with family and friends waving your new beautifully adorned hand around with that gorgeous rock from your beau. Milk it ladies 🙂 There is no rush, so enjoy your engagement and don’t feel pressurised to start planning straight away unless that’s what you want. Then once you are ready, there is plenty advice out there to get started. Drop us and email if you would like our Wedding timeline to help get you started.


Adulting, get it sized and insured!

Start as you mean to go on; stress free and get this ring perfectly fitted for you and insured. High street jewellers can normally get this sorted within a day. That’s the non romantic bit out of the way now!


Setting the date

You have to do it eventually so why not just bite the bullet and choose when you want to get married. Even it’s as vague as summer 2019, it’s a starting point and will help you organise the rest that’s to come. It also allows you to answer everyone’s burning question “When’s the wedding?”

Wedding stationary by: Sugar and Spice Designs
Image source: Not on the high street

Discuss with your partner

You are going have to communicate like never before, and yes you may have fights but just make a pact that the making up will always be better! A few things to consider are:

  • the type of ceremony
  • the date and location
  • the (dreaded) guest list
  • the budget

The rest is aesthetics and injecting your personality and style into planning an awesome wedding celebration. Think of past weddings you’ve been too and pick out what you liked or didn’t. For visual inspiration Pinterest and Instagram are great places to get ideas but don’t get too carried away and start liking everything. Before you know it you’ve lost sight of what you want YOUR wedding day to be like!

Image source: Not on the high street

Hello wedding planner

Is your head hurting already just from reading the above, you don’t have to do it alone! A good wedding planner can assist and reduce your worry and stress for the big day. Anything from creating mood boards with you right up to full plan; negotiating all your suppliers from start to finish and overseeing the big day!

It will be a roller coaster of a journey, full of emotions but never forget the real reason for all this. The marriage is more important than the party, but if you’re throwing one you might as well love the moment and make it amazing!

Our helping hand is here to transition you from newly engaged to happily married. Just get in touch for a complimentary consultation. hello@eventsbykeenda.co.uk

Love Keenda xoxo