How To Bring Meaning To Your Wedding Accessories

At Events by Keenda, I believe that the small details, such as wedding accessories matter. In our guest blog this week, Hazel Edwards from HoneyV share’s how you can bring meaning to your accessories.

Meet Hazel

Hazel Edwards is designer and creative at HoneyV, a glam accessories brand specialising in bespoke pieces for the modern woman. With a background in millinery and bridal, Hazel uses this experience to bring stunning pieces to her clients. This ensures they are able to include the tiny details of their style into their chosen outfit.

Having studied silversmitiing and worked as a buyer before HoneyV, Hazel has a fantastic ability to source unusual materials to create the perfect accessory. Whether looking for a bridal piece or Ascot Hat, Hazel is able to offer advise and guidance. Each client is encouraged to express their true self and wear a future heirloom designed specifically for them. This is the greatest pleasure a designer can achieve.

Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your lives. It’s a day to celebrate your love with friends and family. Moments shared will be memories forever. Which is why, you should enjoy every second and just be you.

Don’t be bogged down trying to follow the latest trends and ideas. Pinterest boards are great to give inspiration, but this day is about the two of you and everything that means something to you both.

Let’s put the wedding ceremony aside for a moment. Think carefully about plans you have shared, trips together, films you have watched and songs you have sung. Items that you cherish together are a fantastic starting point for choosing themes, colours and styles.

Make it personal

Today is your chance to include your guests in your life and dreams together. Accessories are often the perfect opportunity to express these ideas in a subtle and lasting way. What can be more romantic than a beautiful veil designed with detail to match your dress, perfect to be stored away ready for the next bride to wear, whether that is a sister, daughter or friend. Part of your day will always be included in their adventure. Consider a dedication to your love embroidered on your veil, whether it be your initials, date or message like Angelina Jolie and Hailey Baldwin had.

Was the proposal on a romantic island getaway? Why not have shell motifs added! They don’t have to be obvious. Many lace edged veils feature stunning scallop details, perfect for a nod to a beachy theme, suitable for even the grandest of hotel venues.

Did you say yes on a mountain in Switzerland surrounded by goats? Think minute floral detail delicately arranged in your hair to represent the stunning meadows.

Floral hair comb

I once had a client who commissioned a comb with flowers on to represent her children. She loved the idea so much, she went on to commission shoe clips to show off the birth flowers of herself and her husband. She chose these specifically to pass on to her daughter as a memento of her day.

Bespoke Hair Accessory

By choosing classic pieces they will be relevant and treasured in 30 years time. The same cant necessarily be said about high fashion accessories that may date and hold no meaning to them except their initial beauty.

Bespoke Hair Accessory Bespoke Hair Accessory

Accessories are for men too

As with every aspect of your wedding, accessories apply to both genders. Men can opt for a monogrammed handkerchief in the finest silk, sharing both sets of initials. Cuff links can be a beautiful way to share a style, think again of the shell motif. Include both of your birth stones in earrings, a secret that only you two know about.

By adding meaning to these tiny details you will be sharing your journey together with so many big elements to your wedding. Chatting through your ideas with your wedding planner is a fantastic time to see how you can bring meaning to the rest of your day.



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