Are we a match quiz?

This is just for fun and not to be taken too seriously and is in no way a scientifically based test. If we are not the right fit, I can probably recommend another wedding planner to you. It’s important to me that you have the right planner to bring your special day to life, although I hope it’s me! Good luck x

75% and above

50% – 75%

Good match with some differences
We can make it work!

25% – 50%

Some similar interests
Let’s have a consultation and see.

0% – 25%

Not much in common
Probably not the best match

Welcome to your Are We A Match Quiz...

Email address
What's your theme song?
What’s your choice of condiment?
Who’s your favourite on screen heroine?
What hobby are you most likely to take up?
Choice of drink?
Favourite meal of the day?
How do you holiday?
Boy band of your childhood/teenage years?
How would you describe yourself?
Which wedding style do you prefer?

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