Intimate wedding photography

It’s no secret that Event by Keenda‘s niche is an intimate wedding for the stylish design-led romantic couple. They are looking to reflect their personalities into their big day. (Or should I say small day!) and that’s where intimate wedding photography comes in.

Wedding photography
First dance: An intimate moment between the bride and groom

All the feels

There is no better way to relive those special moments than having the right photographer capture those memories for you. Therefore, I have invited Jesse from Jessica Grace Photography to talk about the importance of an intimate wedding and how to focus on planning one.

Say hello to Jesse

Wedding photographer
Jessica Grace

Jesse is a wedding and family photographer living in Surrey. She trained at Film and Television production at university with a keen interest in documentary story telling. You can see elements of this style of documentary photography in the way that she approaches her job. She loves to capture natural moments, just as they happen.  Jesse is half Danish, loves being by the sea, passionate about a good sunset and owns far too many jumpsuits.

Intimate wedding photography
Soon to be husband and wife

Engagement season has just flown by with many loved up significant others thinking; is he going to propose? Or when is she going to ‘pop’ the question?  When that magical moment materialises and the exciting chatter turns all things wedding; what happens if you don’t want a big extravaganza but a small intimate wedding?


Why have an intimate wedding?

Having an intimate wedding is a perfectly legitimate need and for those extroverted introverts out there. When the idea of a huge wedding is not on the top of your priorities; the age old saying just because someone else is doing it does that mean you have to?

As a wedding photographer, I have photographed couples with a guest count of 30, as well as lavish ceremonies with hundreds of attendees. What I have come to find from the difference in weddings is that they are fundamentally about the same things. Love, commitment and having fun!

Bridal party
Bridal squad
Just married
I do – The confetti shot
Intimate wedding photography
The bridal party and grooms men raise a glass
Intimate wedding moments
Natural wedding photography

With this in mind, my professional approach to intimate wedding photography is to capture the day as it happens naturally for you. Whether this be in front of 200 of your closest friends and family or 30 – the decision is yours.  Do not feel the pressure of family politics get in the way of your ideal day. Planning an intimate wedding is as wonderful as a huge lavish affair. This is because it is your day and no one else can plan what you would like.

It is no lie that wedding days are busy, hectic and a whirlwind of emotion. This is not made any easier by inviting hundreds of people. Simplifying your wedding guest list to a smaller amount can make the intimate wedding of your dreams.

Wedding photography
The wedding dress

Let us not forget Carrie Bradshaw explaining to Mr Big that their wedding guest list went from 75 to 200 because her fabulous Vera Wang gown “upped the ante”.

The main moral of the story is to not feel pressured. You should always plan your day how you intend to from the very start.


Intimate wedding photography

Now, even the most intimate of weddings will have people vying for your attention. Even with a cosy wedding you are going to want to find some time to just be together as a couple. It is important to take a moment just to be with each other. I always suggest to my couples to take a minute during the day – this could be after the ceremony as people walk to the reception, or just before dinner. A moment without anyone around and just to have a little “Oh My Gosh WE DID IT” embrace. 

Intimate wedding photography
Having that private intimate moment
Wedding photography
The happy brides enjoying a moment away from the guest
Intimate wedding
Loving gaze

Couples portraits are also the perfect time for you to spend some moments as just the two of you – with your photographer present obviously. Finding someone who appreciates what you want is essential. Before choosing your photographer, have a meeting or a conversation over the phone. It is very easy to tell from speaking to someone whether you are going to get on with one another and this is crucial when planning an intimate wedding. You do not want someone following you around all day that you do not like or appreciate their photography practise. 

Thanks to Jesse and her insight on intimate wedding photography and these beautiful images. Remember if you want help planning that unique intimate wedding then get in touch with me. I would love to discuss your ideas with you!


Keenda xoxo