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Postponed wedding planning during the pandemic

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Planning a postponed wedding during the pandemic?

Are feeling torn over your next steps on whether to cancel or have a postponed wedding? Does it feel like your happily ever after has left you in limbo wondering if this postponed wedding will ever happen?!

You are probably feeling overwhelmed and highly emotional right now but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. You will have your wedding day; just a little different and maybe a little later when the world is safer place.

The coronavirus pandemic has hit the wedding industry hard! However, the majority of suppliers I know are bending over backwards to give their couples their postponed wedding dates where possible.

We need to not worry about what is out of our control and concentrate on what we can do. There’s no doubt that if your wedding is between now and the end of the year that you are feeling anxious and unsure of your next move. You are not alone and remember to cherish the fact that your love for one another will never be cancelled. Enjoy the quality time together that lockdown has given you.


The government guidelines states that wedding ceremonies and receptions of up to 30 people abiding by social distancing rules can now take place from the 1st August 2020. This number is to include your guests and suppliers, so realistically you are looking at 20-25 guests.

This is amazing news for those who always had an elopement, micro wedding or intimate wedding in mind. However, the wedding celebration will need to be re-imagined to make it covid-secure. There will still be no close interactions as the priority is to keep everyone safe and most importantly witness the marriage of the lovely couple. 

Having a postponed wedding might be the perfect opportunity for couples to downsize their wedding ceremony. It’s the marriage that is important, and the wedding day can be celebrated at a later date when it is safe. The postponed wedding reception can happen with more people and when we can hug and get on the dance floor together!



Those who still have their heart set on the larger ceremonies and reception will have to wait for further announcements. Although there are plans for restrictions being lifted from October for larger weddings this is not guaranteed and will still likely have covid-secure guidelines in place.

Postponed wedding dates to 2021 or even 2022 are more likely to see ‘normal’ weddings again. (We hope!)

If you’ve postponed your wedding, be sure to note down your revised payment amounts, due dates and terms and conditions. Don’t forget to also review your planning timeline and edit all other dates and appointments accordingly. 


 It’s important to speak to your venue and find out your options. Ask what precautions they have put in place to allow your wedding to go ahead. A covid-secure environment should include things like hand sanitisation stations, deep cleaning and track and trace.

Check with your guests if they are still happy to attend. Some may not be comfortable to take risks during the pandemic, especially vulnerable guests like elderly family. Luckily we live in the digital era, so any guests who can’t attend won’t have to miss out completely. Perhaps consider streaming your wedding for those guests to still be part of your special day.

Have you ordered anything from abroad? Make sure that they are still able to provide and deliver your goods in light of the pandemic restrictions. Knowing what’s possible allows you to plan for worse-case scenarios. 

Communication and managing expectations is key. Have regular catch ups with your suppliers and work with them to make your special day happen.

The legal part to remember is that if your new postponed wedding date will over a year since you gave notice, you will have to do it again. Also make sure the registrars are available for your new postponed wedding date too.


If you have no option but to cancel, make sure you go over all the suppliers’ contracts. Specifically read their cancellation policies and see what the financial cost is to you should you cancel.

Talk to your wedding insurers to understand your options to be able to make educated decisions. You may not be able to cancel if the suppliers are able to provide the service as originally agreed within the covid-secure guidelines. 

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Take care of yourselves and your mental health! Stay positive and use this gift of time to plan a more epic wedding filled with those personal finishing touches. 

Maybe use this extra time to do the research to find your perfectly suited suppliers. Although, bear in mind that availability may be sparse due to mass postponements. So if you like them and they are free, get in there quick and secure them for your new postponed wedding date.

You can stay inspired and keep planning. Try Pinterest to create mood boards and Instagram and wedding blogs for inspiration. You can also do the more fun and easy things that couples usually don’t have time for and rush at the end. Create your wedding playlists, speeches, emergency kit bags, toiletry baskets etc.  Despite everything that’s is going on, try and enjoy the planning journey.

If you want to discuss any of the above with me or find out more my new package Marriage first, Cheers later then get in touch and let’s chat!