5 Unique ways to propose

You want to pop the question? You’ve had the fairy tale romance, you met you fell in love and now you want to pop the question. But with engagements becoming bigger than ever, making sure you do it in a romantic and special way can sometimes leave you second guessing. I love engagements just as... Read more »...

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How to Plan an Elopement in London

As a wedding planner I cover all sorts of weddings from the opulent and extravagant to the chic and intimate. The most intimate of all weddings has to be an elopement. The ditching of traditions and forgoing the restraints of guest lists, leave couples to be free to say their vows in front of only... Read more »...

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Elopement Wedding

4 Reasons to Hire a Wedding Planner for your Runaway Wedding

As a wedding planner of course I am going to tell you to hire one. Yes even for an elopement and intimate wedding! I could harp on until the cows come home about how valuable a planner can be. Instead I thought it would be better to let others in the wedding industry highlight the...

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Wedding cakes: 7 Tips for choosing the perfect one

  WEDDING CAKES!! Ok so it’s probably not the first or most important thing to do first but it’s definitely one of the funnest! We all need a January pick me up with all the posts about dieting and detoxing out there! (myself included) So let’s for today just swap the carrot sticks for carrot...

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Proposals everywhere! 6 reasons why newly engaged couples need a wedding planner

Discover why you need a wedding planner to avoid stress and have a seamless celebration just as you dreamed it! ...

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