Candles: having a wedding scent for your big day


wedding scented candles
Lavender and bergamot candle place setting

I previously blogged on 5 reasons to have an intimate wedding where I mention get creative and personalise. Candles are a perfect way to do this as it can really set the ambience of your wedding day and evoke memories long after.

Events by Keenda encourages these smaller details as it can make it more memorable for you and your guests. I came across Laura from By Laura London at Chosen Wedding Fair where I was lured in by her beautiful smelling candles. Anyways enough from me, as I hand you over to our expert…

candles as wedding favour
By Laura London

Hi, I’m Laura, owner of By Laura London, a scented candle company based in South London & Surrey. I started making candles for weddings after I got married myself in 2014. I had made Rosemary scented candles, which we had burning throughout the day, at our Christmassy winter wedding. Now, I work with couples to create unique personalised wedding candles; scented and decorated to suit each event.

Here are my 4 top tips for how to include scented candles in your wedding day: 

Think about how you want to include scented candles

When it comes to adding a range of scented candles to your wedding, here are 3 main ways:

  1. Have a collection of bespoke scented candles burning on the day itself.
  2. Choose them as your wedding favours.
  3. Give them as a unique and personalised gift for those special members of your wedding family.

In short, all or a combination of these ideas makes for a really lovely ‘scentscaped’ wedding. Additionally, gifting your guests a candle of the same scent they enjoyed on the wedding day will really help form strong and great memories.


Each time they light their candle, they’ll be taken right back to the fun that they had at your wedding! Scent is a very powerful trigger of memories.


wedding favour candles
Personalised wedding favour

It is all about the scent

My candles are all about the scent. Furthermore, the added things like their appearance and the beautiful ambience that natural candlelight gives are wonderful additions.

Think about scents that you like, places that smell nice, and most importantly what atmosphere you want to create for your guests. If you’re having a spring-time March wedding with subtle greens and blush tones; a fresh yet herbal-floral blend like a Thyme, Rose & Mint would go perfectly.

Big candles
Scented candle

Think about when you would like the candles burning

Consider the options below to really add an atmosphere to your venue. Also, as your wedding candles will likely be moveable, why not take them with you to the next room.

During the wedding service: This is a romantic and emotional time. Therefore the additional touch of candlelight and a beautiful scent can really enhance your guest’s experience.

For your guests entrance to your drinks reception:  This is a popular choice for couples who are looking to mark the beginning of their celebration after the service itself. Especially if your guests are travelling from one place (eg. a church) to your venue, it adds a nice welcome for insta

During the wedding breakfast: Scent can be a lovely complement to food. However, it is quite common that some people will find a very strong or sweet scent off-putting whilst they’re eating. In this instance, a fresh, floral or clean scent are best and I always my couples when choosing a scent.

During the evening : Another great time for candlelight and to introduce your wedding scent. Maybe even mix things up by bringing in a different scent to the evening to really set the mood. You could opt for something a little more warming with spicy-herbal notes to get your guests into the evening dance floor vibes.

Dinner table candles
Candle at the dinner table
Table number signage by group of candles
Grouped candles in tins and glass jars

Think about how your candles will work as part of your wedding styling

I work with couples to design the candles to match and complement their style and other decorations on the wedding day. Whether that be in the containers that they’re set in or with a simple label design to match stationery, it’s the little things that matter.

alternative wedding candles
Marmite bespoke candle
candles as wedding favours
Personalised candles for each guest

If you’ve got any more questions or would like to get in touch to discuss scented wedding candles for your big day, please don’t hesitate to email me at 

Wow, who knew there was so much to consider! It’s so great the alternatives that are available now so you are no longer bound to only having candelabras and candle sticks. Thanks again to Laura for sharing these tips and if you to discuss more ideas like this and how to put your stamp on your big day, get in touch as I would love to chat to you!

Love Keenda xoxo